One of the most common attacks on our prayer lives is frustrating and difficult circumstances immediately following great times of prayer. In Mark 9, during a time of prayer Jesus was transfigured and visited by Moses and Elijah in the presence of Peter, James and John. After one of the most amazing experiences of Jesus’ ministry He is immediately faced with a scene that could have produced great frustration. He came down from the mountain and found his disciples arguing with the religious scribes and a crowd of people gathered around making a great commotion. The source of all of this was a man that had brought his demon-possessed son for Jesus to heal, but the disciples that were there at the time were unable to cast the demon out. The scene was emotion-packed, filled with argument, with disappointment, with opinion and probably even with a bit of confusion–Jesus stepped in and didn’t address any of the emotions or frustratin, instead He spoke to the source of all the issue, a lack of faith. Jesus ministers to the father, heals the son and then teaches his disciples. As we study this passage I believe that Jesus teaches us that unbelief is manifested by prayerlessness and that faith is expressed through devoted, faithful prayer. My hope for today is that we will let the Holy Spirit teach us the truth of the Word of God and that we will be convicted, stirred and pressed inot lives of devoted prayer that overcomes every frustration, disappointm