Sometimes our greatest victories are followed closely by what feels, in the moment, like even greater failures. Peter experienced this as it is recorded in Matthew 16. Peter went from boldly declaring “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” to hearing Jesus rebuke him, “Get behind Me Satan.” How do we go from victory to failure so quickly? Maybe the better question is how do you stop going from victory to defeat so quickly? Six days after Jesus had to rebuke Peter so sharply He took him, along with James and John to be a part of an experience that just may answer that question. As Peter, James and John stood with Jesus and witnessed His transifguration they suddenly heard a voice from heaven that I believe, gives us the answer to many of our questions and the key to living in “increase”, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well please. Hear Him!” The voice of God is the key to our lives.

When Peter had boldly declared Jesus as the Christ, he celebrated with Jesus as He declared that Peter had spoken according to revelation from the Father in heaven and not of his own will or understanding. When he was rebuked by Jesus it was because he had just as boldly, declared to Jesus not what had been revealed by God but instead what he had gathered through the information of man. So our question today is somewhat simple, are we acting upon, believing for and declaring the revelation of God or the information of men?

God’s voice through the Word of God and through the Spirit that dwells within us is the key to walking in freedom, to walking in obedience and to choosing to delight in the Lord and in the Lord alone? Our greatest need for increase today is to increase in hearing God. I pray today that we will dedicate our hearts, our minds, our ears and our time to listening to God’s voice