Transitions are often difficult. We spend time praying and even dreaming about the next open door but we often give little thought to the closed door that will precede it. In Revelation 3 Jesus declared that He holds the “key of David” which has all power not merely in the opening of doors but the closing of them as well. Elijah’s first open door led to Ahab’s presence where he declared a long drought. That door closed as quickly as it opened as Elijah was sent to hide by the Brook Cherith. That open door also ended quickly as the Brook dried up and he was sent to a widow that would feed him not with her abundance but with her lack. God is always leading us and our times of transition are new opportunities to trust Him, to have our faith increased and to be used to show God’s goodness to those around us. Don’t fear closed doors, celebrate them and let the Holy Spirit lead you to the next transition of His glory.