Nehemiah was given an awesome task, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. At every turn he was met with difficulty, with doubt and with opposition. Nehemiah teaches us a very valuable lesson; he met every difficulty with prayer. Before he went to the king with the burden of his heart he prayed. Before he proposed the plan for rebuilding the walls to the people of Judah he prayed. Each time he was met with threats and opposition he prayed. His prayers strengthened his resolve, strengthened the workers and increased the faith of all who were involved. Ultimately it was the prayers of Nehemiah and the goodness of God that produced the miraculous rebuiding of the walls. The walls of Jerusalem had been in ruins for some 140 years, but in 52 days of prayer, faith and work they were restored. There is restoration waiting in each of our lives today; it will come about with prayer, with faith and with “a mind to work”.