Seek God for the City

This year we are once again taking part in the Waymakers 40 days of focused prayers of biblical hope called “Seek God for the City”. “Seek God for the City” is designed to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of their community. The 40 days run from Ash Wednesday, March 6th, through Palm Sunday, April 14th. We will Seek God in two simple ways: First we will seek God’s face and then we will seek His kingdom. And as we come to God, seeking His face, then He comes to us bringing His kingdom. This prayer guide provides a daily prayer and Scripture topic for the community, the nation and the nations of the world. This is yet another way to pray corporately, with our own church as well as other churches in Burlington and across the nation, even when we are not able to physically be together. Books are available, if you would like please sign up at the side table. If you would prefer a digital copy, there is an app available for iPhone, iPad and Android users, just type “Seek God for the City 2019” in the app store search bar, the app does cost 99 cents.