This weekend we’re finishing up with our six week series “WE.” We’re all excited about the duo, father and son Kulynych bringing the word to us with the sermon entitled “We Are Victorious” from Matthew 16:13-19. 

Do you have a heart for the homeless? Right after service, there will be a meeting led by Butch Ireland. Feel free to reach out to him if interested. 

Some key elements to keep in mind as we prepare to embark on our 40 day prayer for the city. Every Monday night we will be having a Zoom prayer meeting together with Grace Alliance from February 22nd thru March 22nd. Seek God for the City book will be used as reference for these meetings.

Are you faithful in the mundane, especially when you know what God has promised? Please watch this week’s video update from Pastor Abie Kulynych as he talks about our upcoming plans and encourages us to stay faithful to God where we’ve been placed, where we are.

We love you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.