We will not be put to shame

The Apostle Paul made this wonderful statement to the church in Corinth, “For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him, Amen, to the glory of God through us.” The promises that God speaks into and over our lives are unshakable, they will not disappoint and they can not fade away...

April 3, 2009April 3, 2009by

A Thief Remembered

My son Noah has found a passage of Scripture that has completely captivated him. A few nights ago, as I was going to tuck him into bed I found him sitting in bed reading his Bible. As I came close to him he said “I just can’t get over this.” I looked down and saw...

March 25, 2009March 25, 2009by

Follow the Leader

The 23rd Psalm begins with David’s beautiful declaration, “The Lord is my Shepherd”. This refrain is familiar to most of us, but for some reason its implications seem to go unnoticed. If the Lord is my Shepherd then I am His sheep. If I am declaring that He is going to shepherd me then I...

March 18, 2009March 18, 2009by

The furnace of our souls

Have you ever considered that your greatest discomfort might be for your greatest benefit? I hate being uncomfortable, most of us do. We go to great lengths for comfort; furniture, food, clothing, relationships, it seems we want to be comfortable more than we want to be comforted. The difference is this: being comfortable is creating...

March 11, 2009March 11, 2009by

Protected by preparation

I am trying to really grab hold of a promise from God’s Word that I don’t believe I have taken nearly as seriously as I need to. We have probably all heard it at some point in time, but for some reason I think that it’s power has eluded us. In I Corinthians 10:13 Paul...

March 6, 2009March 6, 2009by

Provision in the journey

God is our provider. I think that most of us know and believe this somewhere in our heads if not in our hearts. The concept is real but at times it seems that the details are skewed. We know in general but struggle to believe in the specifics. We are sure that God ordained a...

March 4, 2009March 4, 2009by

A portrait or a caricature?

I was doing a little bit of reading yesterday and stumbled upon this statement by Arthur Wallis: “Truth is like a portrait, and to exaggerate one feature is to turn the portrait into a caricature of the truth.” I have spent a lot of time thinking about this sentence over the last 24 hours. Truth...

February 26, 2009February 26, 2009by

Wait for it . . .

How good are you at waiting? Strange question I know but it is something that I am desperately in need of improving in my life. God has been showing me that I don’t always wait very well. You know the guy at the Motor Vehicles that came knowing it would be a long wait but...

February 20, 2009February 20, 2009by

No, No, No!

Have you ever taken notice that “no” seems to be the first word that children really grasp the meaning of? With both of my boys, they started by saying “Momma“, then “Daddy” and then they both jumped right to the adamant and emphatic use of the word “no”. I guess they hear that word so...

February 18, 2009February 18, 2009by

And away we go . . .

For a year or more I have considered throwing my hat into the wonderful ring of blogging. My wife has often encouraged me to give it a try as a way to both keep a record and share some of my thoughts, experiences and lessons that I’m learning. I have been reluctant for no good...

February 18, 2009February 18, 2009by