“What is Peace?” John 14:27-31

What is peace? We all want it, we pray for it, but how do we define it? We want it to be calm, quiet and the absence of struggle/conflict. Some of us might want it to be that feeling that “everything is going to be okay” which we compare to Jesus taking a nap during a storm or are waiting for Jesus to stand up in the middle of a storm and say “peace be still”. Is peace the calm in the middle of the storm or is peace when the storm has calmed? Maybe there is more to peace then just the couple things we attribute to it. We know that truth is a person and love is a person, but this also means that peace is a person which means a relationship is required. If we want peace, we must believe in Jesus. This morning I pray that we would receive from Jesus, not the peace we want, but the peace He gives. Not the peace we think we need, but the peace He has promised to leave to us. The peace that He has and ultimately the peace He is. That we would not just wait to feel peace, but that we will choose to believe in and live in the peace that has already been given to us.