The author of Hebrews tells us to “look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.” Where we set our gaze is very important to measuring the outcome of our given situation. I believe that we reap from where we set our attention. If our attention is set our circumstances, on our difficulties, on our lack of understanding then we will reap from those places; but if we will set our attention on Jesus, on His love, on His Word and on His promises then we will reap from Jesus. His love for us is enormous, His desire for us is that we would trust Him enough to set aside what we don’t understand, set aside what we are afraid of and what makes us anxious and set our hearts, our minds and our hopes on His will for our lives. Jesus was run the race already, He started and finished it, He understands our trials and He has overcome our temptation. We now have the opportunity to look to Him, not as a last resort, not as a far away God but as One that Has already overcome, already finished the race and already won the victory. Look to Jesus, He will always lead to joy, always lead to joy and always lead to truth.