“Thirsty” John 7:32-52

In John 7, Jesus twice “cried out”. The Greek language used means that Jesus screamed, He raised His voice, He spoke with intense emotion. The first instance in the chapter in which He “cried out” He told the crowd and the religious leaders that their true issue was not with Him but that they did not know His Father who had sent Him. The second time, He shouted, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.” First Jesus pleaded with their minds, then He pleaded with their hearts; He exposed their stubbornness and then He offered them the promise of the Holy Spirit. The key to all of this is the word “thirsty”. Jesus was speaking to those who were truly parched, who were desperate and disheartened. What we learn in this passage is that the Holy Spirit is not sent for those who are curious, those who want a taste or a sip. He has come for those who have become completely dissatisfied, those who are empty, who feel they can go on no further without the indwelling presence of God. The Holy Spirit isn’t a cup filled with God’s power, He is a river of living water that bursts forth in the empty hearts and parched souls of the truth thirsty. Our question today is simply yet profound, “Are we thirsty?”

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