“The Way to What?” John 14:1-14

Last week we spoke about how God uses our trouble to increase our faith. In our text, Jesus is still at the table with the disciples and He had just told Peter that he would deny Him. When Jesus said “Let your heart not be troubled” it was not about what the disciples were going to see, but what they were about to do. We want exterior answers, answers we can hold on to, point to, and show others when they question us. But faith is built through trusting God, not getting more information. Our calling is to go on the journey and trust that what we need will come along the way. The work that is required is to belief in the One who was sent. Believe is a decision we must make. This morning I pray that we would see that the journey we are on is not about getting to a place but building a relationship. That we would stop wrestling with God and be those that walk in obedience.