“The Resurrection is Our Life” John 14:18-21

Sometimes the key to seeing something clearly is to be sure we are looking at from the right direction. We see everything in Scripture from hindsight which we like to believe is 20/20. We know what happened next in the story. We tend to not feel the weight of the cross because we know about the resurrection. We try to talk away grief with answers about what is coming next rather than understand if we don’t deal with where we are then we do not get to move one. It is not about being better, but being comforted, being strengthened. John 14 is not about us. If we do not know what God was saying when He said it first, we will misappropriate it now. It is not about the age to come, the return of Jesus, or us. It is about the disciples’ fragile hearts and Jesus’s careful love. This morning I pray, that we would be willing to keep going. That we would not stop doing what we know we are supposed to be doing just because things have gotten bad or because we do not see a harvest. That we would not give up. That we would be reminded of God’s promises and character; that in our anxiety He is patient, when we are afraid He is kind, and that we would be okay with not knowing everything because we can put our trust in the One who knows it all.