Over the next 40 days City of Refuge Fellowship is joining with thousands of other believers around the world in a prayer focus called Seek God for the City.

Seek God for the City is a prayer guide “designed to help everyday believers pray beyond their daily needs and further than their fears. ” We are joining together to ask God to do supernatural things in the city of Burlington. We invite you to join with us in praying for Burlington and for your community.

Each day we will post the daily prayer theme and a prayer highlight from the day.

Week 3: Seeking His glory in evangelizing all peoples

Day 22: Seek God to be recognized and honored by leaders

Heavenly Father, “we pray that they would submit their governance to Your greater wisdom. Give them hope in Your majesty as Judge of all the earth. May they come to honor You openly. And as they find true refuge in You, protect and encourage them. Bless the cities and lands they lead for Your glory. . . Lord Jesus, guide our leaders to give You glory . . . Reveal Yourself so that leaders honor You as the only One worthy of the world’s worship.”