Seek God for the City/ Daniel Fast: March 6th

In continuing our theme of Devotion, this Lenten season we are going to join together in 40 days of prayer for our city and beyond. Starting on Wednesday, March 6th, we will use the guided prayers of Seek God for the City. This is a booklet of “prayer of Biblical hope” for our community and the world. Each day the booklet provides topics, Scriptures and even prayers to help us join our hearts to each God’s and to each other. In addition to the prayers we are going to join in a 10-day corporate Daniel fast from March 6th to March 15th. The purpose of a corporate fast is not to get God’s attention but to give our attention more fully to Him. Fasting is about intimacy, it is a decision to create weakness, to choose to deplete ourselves of something we depend upon so that we can increase our dependence upon God. The focus of this fast is not the discipline to not eat, but rather, the desire to hear God’s voice, to know His heart and to give Him an ever-greater ownership of ours.

We don’t want to simply have these times of prayers and fasting, we want to have them together, to devote ourselves to prayer and fellowship at the same time. On Wednesday, March 6th, we will kick off the 40 days of prayer together, at the Kulynych’s home from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM. We will introduce the Seek God for the City booklet and spend the hour praying together. Then, on Saturday, March 9th, we will have a Daniel fast fellowship at 5:00 PM at the Kulynych’s. This will be a time for us to eat together from the Daniel fast and to pray through Seek God for the City. Fasting is a removal of food but it is not a removal of fellowship, our desire is to grow in the spiritual disciplines and in fellowship at the same time. Please join us in praying that this 40 days of preparation for Passover, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday will change our hearts, increase our faith and fellowship and challenge us to choose devotion in a greater measure than ever before.

Booklets are available, if you would like please sign up at the side table. If you would prefer a digital copy, there is an app available for iPhone, iPad and Android users, just type “Seek God for the City 2019” in the app store search bar, the app does cost 99 cents.