Seek God for the City:

Seek God for the City gives daily directed prayers of God’s greatest hopes for our city’s deepest needs. Each day begins with a specific focus, Scripture, and written prayers to help us to pray God’s heart and then a specific people group to intercede for. At the end of each prayer time is a calling to pray those same prayers for specific nations around the world. When the 40 days is finished, from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday, we will have prayed thoroughly for our community, but also for the nations of the world. Books are still available on the side table or you can download the app. In addition to our daily prayers I’m asking that we also incorporate weekly fasting into these 40 days. Each week we will fast something different that has become part of our daily lives and so that we can fast together, I’m asking that our fasting day be Thursday each week.

March 12th– Politics: a fast in which we do not read, talk about or watch anything that offers political information or opinions, that our only political interaction be prayer for our leaders and for God’s heart to be established in and through our government. 

March 19th– Food: a fast in which we spend an entire day not eating so that we can be reminded by God that we don’t live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.