We are all called to be followers of Christ, to trust Him to lead us and to willingly stay near Him on the path of righteousness that He has purposed for our lives. In Scripture we find many examples of followers, each with their own path and their own purpose. I believe that in the midst of their stories we can find strength, hope and encouragement for our own lives, to follow closely to Jesus and to stay on the path that has been chosen for us.

Through much loss Ruth persevered, endured and triumphed, becoming a part of the lineage of Christ. God’s hand in her life shows us many things about character, God’s and ours, but three themes that we will see today are: providence, love and redemption. No matter what we have experienced or are in the midst of right now, Ruth’s life teaches us that God is in control, that His love for us is infinite and that everything He does is for the purpose of redemption. I pray that Ruth’s life will give all of us the courage and strength to follow Jesus, even through tragedy.