I believe that the Bible shows us very clearly that the Kingdom of God is filled with risk takers. For the next three weeks we are going to look at three things that give us the ability and willingness to take risks for the Kingdom of God by putting all of our trust in God and His Word.

The first reason for risk is joy. Matthew 13 tells us that a man found a treasure ina  field and then, because of the joy from finding this treasure he went and sold all he owned so that he could obtain the treasure. In the same manner, Hebrews tells us that Jesus put all of His attention on the “j0y that was set before Him” and endured the cross. The things we treasure bring us joy and it is a joy that gives us courage, strength, hope and supernatural willingness to overcome. Jesus endured the cross because He treasured us, He treasured our salvation, our freedom and our eternal place with Him.

If we will treasure Jesus, if we will make Him more valuable than anything in this life then we will be willing to forsake all for Him. The risk of loss is completely overcome when what is gained is the treasure than matters most in life. If joy in Christ has become our true aim, then there is no risk of loss that can keep us from obedience, from faithfulness and from the fullness of His calling for our lives.

Please note that there is a period of 6-7 empty minutes in the recording at about the 25 minute mark. We showed a video in our service and the recording did not capture the audio.

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