“Authority of the Lamb,” Revelation 9:13-21

One of the key questions that we commonly ask when reading Revelation is “How is this supposed to be read?” We ask, are we reading a literal recital of events as they will happen on earth? Meaning, is this our timeline? Or, are we reading a literal recital of what John saw?
Throughout Scripture, dreams and visions are used as warnings of, or preparation for, future events.  Why would we assume Revelation would be any different?
Pharaoh never saw actual fat cows come out of the Nile River, only to then be eaten by seven gaunt cows that came out of the Nile after them. His dream was a warning. There would be seven years of plenty, to be followed by seven years of severe famine. If there was not preparation during the plenty, there would be destruction during the famine. The dreams prepared them for the coming difficulty, but they did not portray what literally happened.
Considering this example, how then, should we read Revelation? Do we read it to find ourselves and what may become of us? To find the details of what’s going to happen and when? Or, do we read it to discover the heart and character of God, and take refuge in knowing that even though there will be judgement, it will be from God’s hand, under His authority and true to His character?
This week, as we study Revelation 9:13-21, the sounding of the sixth trumpet, if we read carefully, we will see that we have seen all of this before. The golden altar, four angels, horsemen, serpents.  We may ask; is this the next thing that will happen? Or, is God simply giving a fuller perspective of His character? If He is not repeating Himself, could it be that He is just emphasizing what He wants us to hold most tightly?  Those being this: that the Lamb has all the authority and that the sealed will always be kept.

“Authority of the Lamb” | Revelation 9:13-21
“Authority of the Lamb” | Revelation 9:13-21
“Authority of the Lamb” | Revelation 9:13-21