Revelation Bible Study on Facebook Live: Wednesday, May 17th

A harvest in Revelation? Far too often we hear about the wars, the beasts, the number and the mark, but, as we’ve studied for well over a year, the letter is called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. The chapter that begins with the Lamb and his 144,000 servants standing on Mount Zion ends with, what I believe is, a harvest of righteousness and a gathering of judgment. This week, in Revelation 14:14-20, we see once again that the gospel is of salvation and judgment, that the return of Jesus will bring redemption and wrath, that while the wheat and the tares grow together today, on the Day of the LORD, Jesus and His angels will separate them from each other and to their outcome.  Join us on Facebook Live for our next Revelation Bible Study this Wednesday, May 19th at 7pm.

Revelation 14:14-20 | Abie Kulynych