Revelation 2:18-29 “Tolerance and Judgement”

Leadership coach Mary Marshall wrote, “You become what you tolerate.” What we make room for eventually takes over. In our passage, Jesus sent a message to the leaders of the church at Thyatira rebuking them for tolerating a sinful person that was teaching a dangerous doctrine. Once again, we are faced with a church that did good things, that had strong faith and even faithfulness, but had shrunk back in fellowship. As we saw in the church at Pergamos, a lack of confrontation leads to a lack of accountability which is a lack of fellowship. The person that was being tolerated was leading others into sin that Jesus would not make room for. His warning was not to repent or He would come, it was to hold on, He was coming. Repentance had been rejected and judgement was required. Tonight, we will talk about Jesus’ eyes of fire and feet of brass, His character that desires to lead us to repentance but will not allow us to live and lead others into sin. A strong church was being made weak by what it had allowed. How often do we do the same? How often do we make room for things and ideas that try to take over our lives?