Revelation 1:7-11 “Look”

After singing about the majesty of Jesus, John in Revelation 1:7, gave us the first command and promise of the book of Revelation. He commanded us to “Look” and promised that Jesus is coming with the clouds. The word “Look” is much more than just where we put our eyes, it’s the position of our hearts, it’s the direction of our minds, it’s the focus of our lives. John was commanding the seven churches of Asia and now us, to live for the return of Jesus, to make His return a present hope, not a future event, to establish the second coming of Christ in our hearts and our lives in the present moment. How do we do that? What does it look like to look for Jesus? Tonight, we will look at Revelation 1:7-11; discovering that the only way to rightly prepare for the return of Jesus is to concentrate on the beauty, majesty and character of Jesus. The Day of the LORD is many things, but it will be first and foremost the revelation of Jesus’ glory and God’s character, we prepare for that day by concentrating on His heart now.