Revelation 1:10-16 “Write it Down”

The first command of the book of Revelation was John telling us to “Look” for the return of Jesus. The first instructions of Jesus in the book of Revelation are Him telling John to write and send everything that he sees to the churches of Asia. The written Word is God’s invention, it is a revelation of His character, but it also reveals how greatly He desires that we remember what He says. We are forgetful but God is gracious. Before John saw Jesus, he was instructed to write down everything he would see because God had already planned for us to see Jesus through everything that John would write. It was the Living Word that commanded the written Word and it is the written Word that reveals to us the Living Word. Tonight, we will discuss the importance of the Scriptures to God and we will get our first glimpse of Jesus’ through John’s eyes. John wrote was he saw so that we could see Jesus for ourselves and once Jesus has been seen, we are all called to be sent to make Him known to others.