Revelation 1:1-6 “Blessed by the Word”

How important is God’s Word to us? We know how reliable it is, God said that it would never return void. We know how strong it is, Jesus said that it was the one thing that would never pass away. We know how useful it is, David said that if we would hide it in our hearts it would keep us from sin. The question is not about God’s Word, it’s about us, the priority we place on the Word of God, the value we ascribe to it, the place we have given it in our living, moving and being. Tonight, we will continue discussing Revelation 1 and find that blessing is applied to those who give God’s Word the first priority in how they live their lives. We all want to be blessed. We pray for blessing, claim it, declare it and at times even expect it, but in Revelation 1:3 the first beatitude of the letter, we find that all blessing flows from the place we give God’s Word in our lives.