This week we will begin our next corporate fast. In the past we have fasted a day a week together, this is the first time that we have called for a prolonged corporate fast. We will begin on May 21st and the fast will go through May 30th with a time of fellowship after the Sunday service on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st.

Our focus for this fast is “Becoming the Possession of Christ.” Each day we will have a different focus, a different part of our lives that we will be presenting to God, asking Him to search, to cleanse and to take possession of if we have held it as our own.

Every day, starting this Wednesday night the next days focus and Scripture will be posted in the News section as well as the “Days of Fasting” page of this website.  If you would like the full 10 days focus all at once you can email and it can be sent to you.

My prayer is that we would join together to allow God to “shake everything that can shake” so that we would be found empty of ourselves, empty of the things of the world and filled to an overflowing measure of the Holy Spirit that we might be able to be poured out like never before. There is no limit to what God can do through a vessel that is completly possessed by Himself. I pray that we would be those vessels.

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