“Lay Down” John 13:36-38

We need to keep listening. Sometimes we tend to just focus on one part of what has been said because of how it makes us feel or because of our lack of understanding. In our text today we see that Peter misses the command to love each other because he was stuck on Jesus saying He was leaving and that they could not come with. Abraham though teaches us how to trust God even when we do not see the good or understand. Abraham had no prior experience or heard different stories of how God moved when God asked for Isaac. He had nothing to base it on, but he listened, obeyed and trusted in God. Peter wanted to hold on to what he needed to lay down and he believed he was ready to lay down the one thing he needed to hold on to. This morning I pray that we will listen all the way through, that we will not break off from the conversation with God, but that we will dig in and stand firm and believe that what He says to us, no matter how it sounds in the moment or how we feel, is from His love for us and is for His glory and our good.