“Kept In The World, Kept From The Evil One,” John 17:13-16

In Jesus’ final prayer for his apostles, he made three very specific requests. He asked the Father to keep them in His character, to keep them from evil or from the evil one, and to sanctify them by His truth. Last week we talked about being kept in God’s character. It was not a prayer for God to stay in character, but for God to change the apostles, for God to change us into His character. See, when we’re saved, we’re not only saved from sin, we’re saved into Christ. We’re taken from death and we’re taken into life. We’re taken from condemnation in redemption. We’re changed from being God’s enemies into being God’s children. Salvation does simply take something off of us, the weight of sin or the punishment of sin or the weight of God’s wrath, salvation also transforms and changes us…In today’s text, Jesus speaks of being in the world, but not of the world. This is where Past Abie Kulynych picks up to explain what it means to be “Kept In The World, Kept From The Evil One.”

Kept In The World, Kept From The Evil One | John 17:13-16