In Amos 7 God gave the prophet a vision of His coming judgment upon Israel. It was a fearful thing to know that God was about to intervene and do whatever was necessary to make His people return to Him and to their calling as a nation of priests. Today God continues to hold a plumb line up to the lives of His people, today that plumb line is Jesus. God has not only given us His Son as a way of redemption, but He has given us Jesus as an example and leader to be holy even as He is holy. The Holy Spirit lives within us not to simply make us feel better about ourselves but to comfort us into being exactly what we were created to be. We were not created for weakness, we were not created for lukewarmness, we were not created to be anything less than the sons and the daughters of God. Thank God that His requirement for us is not out of reach but rather, it is within us, living, leading and loving us with each breathe that we take. I encourage you today, don’t be afraid of God and His plumb line, rejoice over them and let God apply the plumb line of His love, of His Son and of His blood. In Christ we can not be found lacking.