Jesus faced more rejection than anyone that ever walked the earth before or since. He was rejected by the religious, by leaders, by friends and neighbors, by His brothers and even one of His apostles. In the midst of all of this rejection He was constantly at peace in the perfect confidence that He was loved by His Father. I believe that Jesus’ life teaches us that we will face rejections in life but we don’t ever have to be overwhelmed by them. How was it that Jesus was able to never lash out, to never give in to depression or temptation and even to make Himself available and attractive to the members of society that were also facing rejection? He valued the presence, voice and love of His Father more than anything else in this world. We have the same opportunity today. We are not doomed to be overcome by the rejections of this world and this life, we can be healed, we can be restored, we can be increased and we can overcome; not by building up walls or getting tougher but by being fully convinced of the love of God and fully yielded to walking in that love for ourselves and everyone else around us. I pray today that we will all overcome the rejections of this life and embrace the eternal acceptance of our Heavenly Father. His love endures forever.