II Peter 3:5-9 “Choose Not to Forget”

In II Peter 3:5, Peter makes his final statement about the false teachers and mockers that he has been warning the church of. He writes that they “willfully forget”. Have you ever made up your mind about an opinion, a person or a situation and then, once your mind was made up, nothing could change it? That’s what it means to willfully forget, it’s to minimize the facts and maximize opinion, to paint things how we want or expect them to be, it’s to purposefully overlook anything that disproves our point. In tonight’s passage we will see that willful forgetfulness is rebellion, it’s deception, but possibly worst of all, it’s an accusation against God’s character. As we have seen Peter do now for nearly two letters, he doesn’t just write to judge, to condemn or even to warn, but to constantly remind his readers of who God is.