Do you consider yourself holy? Why or why not? When considering holiness what is it that we are looking at? What makes us holy? I believe that the only way to consider holiness is to look directly at God. In Isaiah 6 and in Revelation 4 we are given glimpses into God’s throne room and in both instances Scripture records created beings that are surrounding God’s throne singing or shouting, “Holy, holy, holy”. Isaiah says that the Seraphim are calling to each other, they are amazed by God’s holiness so much that they continually tell one another about it. What I believe Scripture shows us is that God is holy. It is not that He has done holy things, although He has. It is not that He has spoken holy words, although He has. It is that His heart, His character, His very being is holiness. With this being said, that means that we are not holy because of what we do or don’t do, we become holy by the presence of God in our lives. We don’t achieve holiness, it is placed within us by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I encourage you today, to be holy is to be filled with the presence of God, to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and to become like Christ. You can not achieve holiness, but you can be filled with it. We were created in the image of the Holy One, created to be His ambassadors, created to be holy.