Ephesians 2:10 begins by stating “For we are God’s mastpiece.” This statement is often hard for many of us to believe or agree with. We are not trying to become masterpieces, we were as He desired us to be at our creation. Yes, there is much grace, much change, much maturity that needs to happen in each of our lives, but we are not trying to accomplish these tasks, we are to trust and believe that God is accomplishing them within us. We were created for God’s pleasure, we were created to be known by God and to be loved by God. If we will begin to believe in God’s promise to love us with “an everylasting love” then we can take off the bonds of fear, of rejection, of doubt and of shame and we can “come boldly to the throne of grace” for no other reason that we are sure of one thing, we are loved! I promise you this today, you are loved by God; you can not earn it, you can not change it, He has chosen to love you. Be loved.

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