The author closes Chapter 10 with a great promise of identity for his readers, “But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.” Chapter 11 is then the foundation for this promise. We are not those who draw back because faith won’t allow us to. Even more, we are those being saved by grace through faith. This chapter of Hebrews is quite famous, in includes a definition of faith and then it goes into great detail to illustrate faith’s definition by revealing how faith has worked in the lives of men and women that God has clothed with righteousness. As we read and study, define and examine I pray that we will look beyond the stories we might be familiar with and see faith in action because as James said “faith without works is dead.” Our faith is not a mental ascent or a system of beliefs, our faith is our response to the voice of God. Faith and love are married to each other because they are both best revealed through obedience. In fact, I would say that the phrase “obedient faith” is redundant, one can’t be obedient without faith and one can’t have faith without obedience. Over the next couple of classes we will examine faith and obedience carefully and I pray that we will allow the Word of God to test our faith and that we will respond as all the men and women of this chapter did, with action caused by love.


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