The amazing thing about Jesus is that He is constantly showing us more of Himself. As we come to stages of our lives in which we are secure in Him, in what He has done for us, in who He is in our lives, He takes the initiative to show us even more of His love, more of His power, more of His character and more of His heart. Martha and Mary were confident that if Jesus had been present when their brother Lazarus was sick that He would have healed him. They knew Jesus as a healer, they knew Him as a friend and they knew Him as compassionate. The time had come for Jesus to increase their revelation of Him, to see more of Him and to know Him in an even deeper way. We often read John 11 and are immediately aware that Jesus revealed His power over death, this is true, but I believe that in this passage we see much more than that. We see Martha make her confession of Jesus as the Messiah. She grew in her faith, in her relationship and in her boldness. There are seasons of our lives in which all God is doing is bringing increase; greater knowledge, greater love; greater truth; greater healing and most of all greater faith. I encourage each of us today to not rely on what we have already known but to let God lead us to a place of greater trust and relationship. No matter how long or well you have known Jesus, He always has more!