“Greater” John 14:27-31

Words matter. God spoke and creation came into existence. God’s character is revealed by what He says. We were created in the image of God, but we often do not think about the power in our own words. Satan tries to diminish the power and value of our words. And when we diminish the power of our words then we are diminishing God’s words. This morning we are going to talk about 3 specific things that Jesus said, one He said to the disciples “let not your hearts be troubled neither let it be afraid”, one He said about His Father “My Father is greater than I”, and one He said about Himself “The ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing in Me”. What do these 3 things mean and why do they matter? This morning I pray that above all us we will hear what Jesus says, that we will believe who He is and become who we are created because in His words we do not just find who He is, but who we were created to be.