There are times in our lives in which God creates opportunities for us to trust and depend upon Him in greater measures than ever before. The difficulty we face during these times is that they often appear to us as times of difficulty or even despair. I believe that Elijah endured situations just like this. After announcing to King Ahab that there would be no rain or dew until Elijah announced it, he was immediately sent by God into hiding. In his hiding place he drank water from a brook and ate bread carried to him by ravens each day. After a period of time the brook that Elijah depended upon for water dried up because of the draught that was on the land. At that moment Elijah had the same choices we are often faced with, to trust God and believe that He would lead and provide or to give in to fear and worry and try to create a way to provide for himself.

Elijah chose to trust God, was led by Him to a very poor widow and her son and found that God had chosen to save their lives by bringing Elijah to them. Our closed doors are often simply opportunities to see God open new ones that will bring Him more glory and salvation and freedom to those around us. The key in all of this is being sure that God loves us, that He has a perfect plan for us and ultimately that He is for us. In Romans 8 Paul wrote, after discussing great difficulties and suffering, “If God is for us who can be against us?” I believe that too many of us still see this statement as a question instead of the fact that Paul was trying to convey. God is for us, there does not need to be an if in our hearts, our minds or our speech. Paul was trying to prove a point not create doubt.

Today, whatever you find yourself facing, one thing I know, God is for you. He loves you, He seeks you, He wants you and He will keep His promise to never leave you or forsake you. Be confident in Him, His Word and His character today and know that when your situation changes it is not time for you to make your own way but to hold fast and trust and obey in the way that God has led you to.