We have often thought of fasting as a way of getting God’s attention. The truth is that we have God’s attention, His eyes are always on us and His heart is always toward us. Fasting is a discipline that gives our attention to God so that we can hear His voice, know His heart and walk in His will.

At CORF we are beginning a corporate fast each Friday for the purpose of hearing God’s voice more clearly and drawing near to Him in intimacy. Each Friday we are asking each other to keep a fast of God’s leading and our honest choosing that will give an opportunity to spend concentrated time with God. Whether you choose to fast a meal, an activity, television, the internet or some other part of your life the key is that the time of fasting is spent with God. This is not a time to petition or intercede but rather a time to worship, to open our hearts and to hear from God.

The second part of this fast is that we make a true effort to share with one another what God is speaking into our lives. One of my greatest encouragements is to hear from others how God is speaking and leading them. It brings me joy to see them grow but it also encourages me to keep pressing in and to keep listening closely. If you would choose to join us in this fast, please consider using the comments section below to share what you hear from God, how He is speaking and the words of joy, love and kindness that He is speaking over you and your life.  abie@cityofrefugefellowship.org