I believe I receive more prayer requests pertaining to “being in God’s will” than any other single topic. It seems that many of us have taken the promise of purpose and turned it into a fear of somehow “missing God’s will”. The will of God is not a maze to be maneuvered or a mystery to be solved. The will of God is the outcome of relationship, it is the inevitable purpose that flows from intimacy and communion. In John 5 Jesus declare that He Himself did nothing of His own initiative but simply watched His Father and fulfilled what He saw God doing. I believe that the will of God is the same for each of us, it is that we would become a part of seeking and saving that which is lost. It will take various forms and different paths that God will lead us down but the outcome is always for the same cause, “that none would perish but that all would come to repentance.” Today if you are struggling with the will of God, simply draw near to Him. Share your heart, your mind and your struggles. “God has not given us a spirit of fear” so fear will never lead us into the path that God has desired for us. Walk in your salvation, walk in God’s will with boldness, with confidence, with trust and with love. In John 5 Jesus went on to say that the Father always showed Him what He was doing because the Father loves the Son. God loves you and I as well, because of His love He will always lead, we don’t need to learn to be better discerners of God’s will, we need to learn to be better followers of His love.