A huge part of truly experiencing all that God has for us is to know God’s purpose, desire and love for the church. The Apostle Paul refers to the church as “the Body of Christ.” He makes it clear that there is one body that is made up of many members, that each member is individual, has a function but is also interdepedent with every other member. The church is much more than a gathering, than a place or even a family. The church is the extension of Jesus, it is the way that God has chosen to relate to His people and also to use His people to relate to the world around them.

I believe that there are two great keys to becoming all that God has created us to be as His Body, humility and love. Jesus humbled Himself like none other and His love was complete and fully poured out. I pray that you and I will choose a path of being like Jesus, that we would not come to the church to see what it can do for us but that we would choose to become a part of the church, to grab hold of those around us and to spend ourselves on behalf of God, His kingdom and His people.