CORF Update #94 | March 11, 2022

Good afternoon CORF, 

The earth is shaking, but our God remains. As a matter of fact, He is the one doing the shaking and faithfully accomplishing His plans in our lives and through the world. 

As we’re getting deeper into our Seek God for the City program, we’re adding a day of fast, Fasting Wednesday. We ask that we pray for God to show us places of dependence that do not glorify Him.

A new devotional starting next Friday, Rich Wounds by David Mathis…

For the rest of announcements, please watch this week’s video update from pastor Abie Kulynych as he encourages to stand in God’s compassion over our lives and extend that same compassion to those around us.

We love you and look forward to connecting with you all this weekend at the Brothers in Fellowship or Worship Service. 

CORF Update #94 | March 11, 2022