CORF Update #90 | February 04, 2022

Good afternoon CORF, 

Our God is good and kind. His patience is unmatched and his kindness makes repentance possible for us.

After a week of absence due to the snow storm we had last week, we pray that you are all doing well and enjoying the brief warmer weather before the cold settles back in. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend in person and online for our weekly service.

Please watch this video update from pastor Abie Kulynych as he encourages to trust God and only Him. 

“Assyria will not save us, nor will we ride on horses. We will never again say, ‘Our gods!’ to the work of our own hands. For in You the fatherless find compassion.” Hosea 14:3.

CORF Update #90 | February 04, 2022