CORF UPDATE #78 | OCTOBER 15, 2021

Good afternoon CORF,

Signs and wonders, are they real? And if they are, are they performed just for our enjoyment and curiosity or do they have a place and a purpose in our lives? Please join us this weekend for our worship service as we continue with our short series, “We have the Holy Spirit,” to get answers to these questions and more.

Our next prayer night is this Monday. This is a place and time that God provided to us to shower us with His presence and love. Do you want to praise God more? Do you want to see signs and wonders? Do you want to see God at work? The invitation is extended to you, come and join us in prayer.

Please watch this week’s video update from pastor Abie Kulynych as he exhorts us to look at Christ and honor Him by making Him preeminent in all aspects of our lives (Colossians 1:15-18).

We love you and look forward to connecting with you this weekend in person and online. 

CORF UPDATE #78 | OCTOBER 15, 2021