CORF UPDATE #70 | AUGUST 06, 2021

Good afternoon CORF,

“Do we understand how greatly we’ve been forgiven? Let the forgiven be forgiving”

Last week, God blessed us with his word through Jonathan. What a challenging and encouraging message,“Heart of the Father, Reconciliation”! We encourage you to spend some time this weekend and preferably before our service to listen to it again to be reminded of this liberating truth, God is poised to forgive.

We are back at it this weekend with our series on “The Gift of Prayer” and we will be focusing on forgiveness.

For this week’s announcements, please watch this week’s video from Pastor Abie Kulynych.

We are grateful for you and thank God for all you do to bring glory to his name alone.

CORF UPDATE #70 | AUGUST 06, 2021