CORF UPDATE #69 | JULY 30, 2021

“Provision may not come as we expect…but if God can cause water to flow from a rock to quench Israel’s thirst, then He can certainly take care of my needs.” Amanda Mackie 

Good afternoon CORF,

We have a special treat for our worship service this weekend as we get another opportunity to hear from Jonathan who will be sharing what God placed on his heart.

After a very special weekend the women had last Friday with Girls’ Night Out, they are back this week with Connections Women’s Group live, in person. Set your calendar and prepare your heart to dive in this poignant question, “What Do You Believe About God?”

We look forward to connecting with you in person and online this weekend. Until then, please watch this week’s video update from our Youth Pastor Amanda Mackie as she reminds us that God, our good Father, has a rock ready to pour out everything that we need. 

CORF UPDATE #69 | JULY 30, 2021