CORF UPDATE #64 | JUNE 25, 2021

Good afternoon CORF,

Yankees and Metz fans got a treat from our pastor last week and this week. Any break for the Phillies fan in sight? Apparently that’s an emphatic no! Or maybe, just maybe a Bryce Harper’s jersey would do to make a way to the other side. 

Anyway, we love you and look forward to connecting with you this weekend in person and online for our service. You don’t want to miss this one with Joanne DiLeo coming to share God’s word with us.

July the 3rd Service with Grace Alliance: CORF will be hosting the host! Let us serve them as they so rightly deserve it by signing up for ministry opportunities. 

Save the date! Our CORF church picnic will be Sunday, July 18th at 3pm. This will be a great time for good food and even better fellowship.

For the rest of the update and encouragement from Pastor Abie Kulynych please watch our weekly video update. 

“They are exhausted, yet pursuing” Judges 8:4

CORF UPDATE #64 | JUNE 25, 2021