CORF UPDATE #54| APRIL 09, 2021

“To God’s elect, exiles scattered…” 1 Peter 1:1a

Good morning CORF,

The celebration of Easter with all the activities that go along with this important event in the Christian faith is over, but we’re called to run with and from the place of transformation, joy and celebration that took place. Jesus is alive and lives in us. Therefore, we should be filled with his life.

We’re back on our regular schedule starting with the Saturday evening service (with a replay on Sunday morning) then our prayer meeting on Monday evening and the Revelation Bible Study Zoom discussion on Wednesday. 

“We Are the People of God,” is the theme for this weekend’s message as we will talk about  how this became a reality in our lives.

Journey Church trip, please make sure to let pastor Abie know by tomorrow if you’re planning to attend.

Playground clean up day is back! So let’s sign up to be the transforming force in our community. Mark your calendar, May 1st, 2021.

Please watch this week’s video update from Pastor Abie Kulynych as he reminds us of the tension that exists or at least should exist in our lives, namely that we’re chosen and do not belong, and should stand out instead of seeking to blend in. 

We love and thank God for you.