Today at CORF we presented a plan for 2011. Over the course of this year God has opened many doors of service for us, I believe that this next year is our opportunity to “add to” that service, both to God and to our community.

The “Year to Increase” has five points of emphasis:

1. Increase in Prayer

2. Increase in the Word of God

3. Increase in Giving

4. Increase in Missions

5. Increase in the Community of Faith

I believe that if we will willingly and intentionally sacrifice to increase in these areas over the course of this next year that we will see that the increase in the Kingdom of God will be far greater than anything it may cost us.

We have created a handout that details the plan for 2011, if you would like a copy please contact CORF at [email protected] or 609-531-0816