Church Meet Up: Sunday Night, June 28

Dear City of Refuge,
As I shared in last week’s video update, it’s time for us to slowly start getting back together in person! I’ve said often through this season that we don’t have to gather to be together, but Monday night, it was both sweet and powerful as we gathered for prayer meeting. Because of our size constraints we still cannot gather for Sunday morning services but we want to begin to make efforts to gather. 

This Sunday night, June 28th, at 6:00pm we are inviting everyone to the building parking lot at 35 West Broad Street in Burlington, for a church meet up. We are going to set up a few tents and put out some chairs and just spend an hour together, in person. There won’t be any formal service, we will just fellowship and pray together. We are going to follow all the requested guidelines. This means that we will work at social distancing and give each other six feet of space and also please wear a mask. I know that this is uncomfortable for some, but for the benefit of each other and in accordance to what our governor is asking, we need to wear masks whenever we gather, outdoors or indoors. 

Everyone is welcome to join us Sunday night, bring your children. Just one reminder, there are no bathroom facilities at the building so please plan accordingly. I’m looking forward to seeing your faces in person!