Our Sunday night House of Prayer gathering this month will be held at our building at 35 West Broad Street in Burlington. The gathering will be Sunday night, June 26th at 6:00. This will be our first time meeting at this property in this manner. Our worship and prayer focus for the night will be concentrated on those who come and go through Burlington each day via the train and the bus which both stop outside this property. Our Scripture guide for the prayer time will be Isaiah 57:14-19 which begins “And it will be said, ‘Build up, build up, prepare the way, remove every obstruction from my people’s way.” We are believing that those who travel through Burlington will encounter God’s presence, be wooed by His love and redeemed by seeing Jesus’ glory. We will be praying that this property will be a place through which God will plead through His people to the world around us “Be reconciled!” In addition to the worship and prayer we will also give opportunity for those that feel led to write promises from Scripture upon both the walls and the floors of the building as a prophetic act of declaring that all that come and go in that place will be standing upon and surrounded by God’s Word.