God has given us a vision for the planting of a House of Prayer in Burlington City, a place where worship and prayer would never cease and where God would be constantly glorified for His greatness, His beauty and His great love. The House of Prayer is not a place for needs to be poured out but rather a place for God to be glorified and for His voice to be allowed to lead, guide and purpose within us His plans., desires and purpose for our community and our lives.

We eagerly anticipate coming together in this new facet of His plan and though we don’t know exactly what this will look like, we are trusting that if we walk in obedience and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, it will become exactly what He has promised and planned for this city. We are asking, as we take these new steps of obedience, that you join. us for these two nights out of the month, the 2nd Friday and 4th Sunday of every month, to experience together God’s presence, and His voice as we sit at His feet and recount His goodness and His grace and remind Him who needs no reminding of all of the promises that He has spoken over Burlington City. Our desire is to stand in agreement with all that God has promised, as individuals, as a church and as a City, and we believe the House of Prayer signals in the Spirit our agreement to be obedient and faithful to all of God’s plans and promises.

Our next gathering will be at 6:00 PM on Sunday, July 28th, at the Knights of Columbus building at 366 East Broad Street in Burlington. If you have any questions please call our church office at 609-531-0816.