One of my favorite chapters in the Gospels is Mark 5. This one chapter tells us of three different miracles that Jesus performed, but it is not the power of the miracles that move as much as much as Jesus’ love and concern and kindness that He shows to those that He touches in this chapter. In the course of the chapter we find Jesus being sought out by three desperate people. Three people that have lost hope, that have no other alternative and no one else to turn to, either see Jesus from a distance or hear of Him from others and choose to seek Him out believing that He is the answer to their desperation.

Our study today is not one of being desperate for God nearly as much as it is being the representation of Jesus to the desperate that surround us. I am of the belief that we in the Body of Christ have spent far too long trying to reach for the hem of Jesus’ garment when in fact we are equipped and called to become the hem of His garment for the world around us. Why would we need to reach for the hem of His coat when we have been clothed with His righteousness? Why would we need to reach out for a touch of His hand when we have been filled with the reality of His Holy Spirit? Our challenge today is to become the salt of the earth, the light of the world and a city on a hill that we might move forward into the greater things that Jesus has promised by becoming the hem of His garment that the desperate of our community and our world can reach out to and receive the freedom, healing and salvation that are only found in Christ.